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Winner of the Best Performance Marketing Technology Award!

News By: MarketingApr 25, 2018

Infectious Media wins the Best Performance Marketing Technology Award at the Performance Marketing Awards last night! 


Infectious Media is a media agency that specialises in programmatic advertising. It is all we do.

However, we are not like other media agencies. Media agencies don’t build programmatic tech. But we have built, from scratch, our own demand-side technology stack, called Impression Desk. For us, it is crucial to our clients’ success.

We built Impression Desk because we were frustrated with the limitations of the existing off-the-shelf demand-side platforms. We couldn’t get enough transparent data; we couldn’t get the flexibility to run bespoke strategies; and all the available technologies were very similar, offering little competitive advantage.

With Impression Desk, we built four tools that offer brands connectivity, control, and competitive advantage in programmatic advertising.

This entry will demonstrate how Impression Desk allows us to:

  • Deliver better performance for our clients
  • Pioneer a new measurement methodology to prove the performance of programmatic
  • Provide more cost-effective buying than the leading demand-side platforms
  • Deliver campaigns that would not be possible with any other technology

“Their operating system, Impression Desk… is a powerful platform, the holy grail of workflow automation. A perfect fit for a client demanding customisation and increased control.” Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content, ExchangeWire


Dan de Sybel, Chief Technology Officer, Infectious Media comments:

We view technology as an enabler. Something that allows you to do more with less, whether that’s gather and action highly granular detailed information, or automate regular repetitive tasks so they can be completed faster and more accurately. We build technology to help people take advantage of, and not get drowned by, the wealth of information that is available around them, as well as allow them to focus their time and attention on the key tasks that cannot be easily done by a computer. Basically, technology works hand in hand with our people to make them the best they can be.”

We have an extremely close bond between the people that use our technology and the people that create our technology. This means less time is spent building things that engineers think end users want and end users spend less time demanding things that will take too much time or resource to build. This results in a highly efficient platform that has the key features our end users need with less of the baggage.”



Another one for the IM shelf!

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Our CTO celebrating our victory and IM having some celebratory cupcakes with some afternoon tea! 



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