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‘The tech is good enough’: Why Amazon’s DSP is becoming a rival to Google

Technology By: Dan de SybelApr 2, 2018

Google is still the most dominant company in ad tech, but Amazon is gaining on the search giant. One example of this is the growing use of Amazon’s demand-side platform. Digiday in discussion with Infectious Media's CTO, Dan de Sybel.  


The number of brands using Amazon’s DSP has grown nearly 50 percent this year, more than any other buy-side tech platforms, according to MediaRadar.

Pathmatics data shows that only Google has more websites featuring its buy-side ad tech tags than Amazon.

While Amazon’s DSP has become more popular, it also has drawbacks for buyers.

The reporting on Amazon’s DSP lacks full transparency, and its dashboard is harder to navigate than other DSPs, said Dan de Sybel, CTO of programmatic agency Infectious Media, which stopped using Amazon’s DSP a few months ago due to its lack of transparency. But despite these flaws, many agencies continue to use the platform.

“For brand objectives, you don’t need a smart campaign set up; it’s all about the data,” he said. “That’s why uptake of its DSP has been expanding rapidly.”


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