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RECORDED WEBINAR: How your brand can Emerge Stronger

Strategy By: MarketingMay 14, 2020

Adapt your digital media strategy to the new normal

With the Covid-19 crisis threatening to roll on, customers are increasingly purchasing online. But as customer behaviour is so changeable, it is difficult to respond. In this webinar we wanted to get to the heart of how you can adapt media strategy to this new normal.

We wanted to show what can be learned from the digital native brands who have leapt ahead in their response. Highlight brands who are leading the way with advanced media strategies. And ultimately, help you set a road map to emerge stronger by putting data at the centre of your media buying.

The below webinar was recorded on 12 May 2020 and features the following sessions:

What can we learn from people’s behaviour and the brands succeeding?
Ian Edwards, Planning Director, Facebook

What changes do you need to make now to ensure you emerge stronger?
James Coulson, Managing Partner, Strategy, Infectious Media

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