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How to juggle more agencies in a programmatic world

How can you add another agency to the plan without creating tension or increasing workload? Pete Hanford, Revenue Director, shares his ...
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By: Pete Hanford, on Apr 5, 2018

Why Sorrell is wrong about the in-house programmatic trend

Sir Martin Sorrell’s view that advertisers trying to do programmatic in-house will be a short-lived trend is incorrect, argues Infectious ...
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By: Martin Kelly, on Apr 5, 2018

The four tricks marketers miss with their own data

James Coulson, Strategy Director at Infectious Media, reveals four easy-wins that most marketers miss out on.
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By: James Coulson, on Apr 4, 2018

How to successfully challenge your programmatic media measurement (Updated for 2018)

Digital measurement has stumbled at the first hurdle, held back by a tendency to measure what is easy. Pete Hanford shares his insights on ...
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By: Pete Hanford, on May 30, 2018

Martin Kelly on programmatic in 2015 and where it's headed

BradInsight interviewed our CEO and co-founder Martin Kelly on programmatic in 2015, viewability and walled gardens
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By: Martin Kelly, on Apr 5, 2018

Is creativity limited by data?

The advent of programmatic advertising has enabled advertisers to use data to drive the performance of their online display campaigns.
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By: Jonathan D'Souza-Rauto, on Apr 5, 2018

WireColumn: French Private Video Exchange Opportunity for Advertisers

The growing involvement of publishers and technology partners has fueled French programmatic buying progress. StickyAds Video Exchange’s ...
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By: Marketing, on Apr 3, 2018
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