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An addiction that’s hard to break? Video series part 2

In this second part of our short performance marketing video series, we look into how bad measurement makes blackbox ad networks look ...
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By: Marketing, on Jul 23, 2019

Is performance too good to be true? Video series part 1

In this first part of our short performance marketing video series, we look into the history of display advertising and the role of ad ...
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By: Marketing, on Jul 23, 2019

Stop wasting your money on blackbox ad networks - Video series

Performance marketers have long turned to ad networks to help acquire new customers. This is largely because they are low commitment, ...
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By: Marketing, on Jul 10, 2019

The automation of everything, programmatic everywhere

The growth of programmatic has headlined much of the industry news over the past few years and continues on a significant growth ...
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By: Maria Moore, on Aug 6, 2019

5G is coming, and it’s going to have a seismic impact on the industry

5G will transform not only the advertising world but will revolutionise how we communicate with the connected consumer. As marketers and ...
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By: Dan Gibbins, on Feb 12, 2019

Supply chain transparency, and the opportunity to take back control

In 2018 the ‘Murky supply chain’ had started to clean up its act with initiatives such as ads.txt. In 2019 this process will continue and ...
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By: Dan Larden, on Feb 12, 2019

The evolution of social media means the management of this important channel is changing

Social media is an intertwined part of the majority of people's lives, so from a marketing perspective it offers unrivalled opportunities ...
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By: Leike van Velthoven, on Feb 12, 2019

Programmatic Trends 2019

We've selected some of the trends that we think are key to shaping the year ahead and have summarised them here for you, if they are not on ...
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By: Martin Kelly, on Feb 12, 2019

Reasons to consider in-housing your programmatic data

As brands begin to take more ownership of their data and better understand consumer journeys, arguably, media agencies still have a better ...
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By: Marketing, on Aug 6, 2019

Programmatic in-housing: hybrid models let advertisers take control

As the IAB uncovers a trend towards the in-housing of programmatic, Martin Kelly, co-founder and CEO, Infectious Media, argues that ...
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By: Martin Kelly, on Jun 25, 2018
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