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Programmatic Trends 2019

Strategy By: Martin KellyFeb 12, 2019

2018 was another great year of growth for Programmatic with over 80-90% of all display and video inventory now platform traded, along with the whole of PPC and paid social. It's amazing to think that this has really only happened over the last five years.


However, with this increased maturity and scale we have seen both the walled gardens and the legislators take an increasing interest in the space and starting to shape the environment we work in. Many of the trends for the year ahead are impacted by the need to work within a new set of rules that are emerging, adapting how we plan, buy and measure activity. There are also huge benefits of these walled gardens with industry problems such as cross device measurement and deterministic user data sources being solved when we work effectively in them. 

Alongside this we also see huge and exciting opportunities to engage with and be useful to our prospects and customers in an increasing number of channels such as outdoor and TV, as they become programmatically enabled which we expect to see progress on in 2019.

We've selected some of the trends that we think are key to shaping the year ahead and have summarised them here for you, if they are not on your agenda then they should be, and we are here to help. 

Martin Kelly, CEO, Infectious Media.


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