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Programmatic advertising has changed the rules of traditional media buying

By: MarketingApr 24, 2018

Everything you need to know about programmatic series featuring extracts from our co-authored guide with ISBA - This extract is taken from Vol Three ... Download the full guides here


Programmatic technology has enabled major advances in how campaigns are planned and what can be achieved. But if advertisers are going to take full advantage, there are pitfalls they need to be aware of.


Programmatic technology has disrupted the campaign cycle. By allowing for real-time data to feed back on the success or failure of tactics instantly, decisions are made quickly, leading to flexible, always-on advertising.


This is all made possible by a number of programmatic technologies, which advertisers need to understand in order to know which is right for their business. However, the complexity of these technologies and how they connect can make this a challenge.


Programmatic comes with its own risks, and there are a number of questions that advertisers must consider. The most talked about, ad fraud, viewability, ad blocking and brand safety are important considerations, but equally important is the general readiness of businesses to make the internal changes needed to make a success of programmatic advertising.


One of the critical success factors is deciding on who advertisers should work with to implement their strategy, but the programmatic ecosystem can be crowded and confusing. The choice comes down to how much advertisers are willing to commit and how high they set their goals.


For advertisers feeling paralysed by the perceived complexity, it might help to learn from experience, rather than trying to set the whole strategy in one go. Advertisers may find it helpful to put in place a test-and-learn programme to provide structure in working towards long term programmatic success.


Download the ISBA & Infectious Media Guide to Programmatic.



At this stage advertisers need to decide how to achieve their objectives in a reasonable time frame and with an acceptable amount of resource.


To implement their strategy members need to consider a number of aspects including relevant programmatic technologies, wider risks to their brand and the business models of potential partners and suppliers.


Many companies have developed competing technology and solutions, making it difficult to choose the right partner. This guide aims to provide an overview of the types of company and technology that members may need to employ.


It is worth stressing that in order to take full advantage of programmatic, members will need to secure buy-in from the top of their organisation – this can sometimes prove to be the greatest challenge.


Download the ISBA & Infectious Media Guide to Programmatic.

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