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Is performance too good to be true? Video series part 1

In this first part of our short performance marketing video series, we look into the history of display advertising and the role of ad ...
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By: Marketing, on Jul 23, 2019

Stop wasting your money on blackbox ad networks - Video series

Performance marketers have long turned to ad networks to help acquire new customers. This is largely because they are low commitment, ...
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By: Marketing, on Jul 10, 2019

What are you going to do with the unused computers sitting in the corner of your office?

Camara is a charity that takes unused computers from businesses, wipes and refurbishes them, uploads them with bespoke educational ...
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By: Marketing, on Jul 3, 2019

Marketers who get measurement wrong are not thinking big enough

Previously, marketers could rely on their agency to provide perspective, but as marketers are increasingly bringing these challenges ...
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By: Chris Cox, on May 24, 2019

Infectious Media & John Lewis & Partners win the Branding award - Bringing real-time programmatic intelligence to out-of-home for John Lewis

Infectious Media wins the Branding award at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards Europe with John Lewis & Partners.
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By: Marketing, on May 10, 2019

Reflection on the 2018 IAB UK's Digital Adspend Study, and what it means for your brand

Leading thoughts from IM's CEO, Martin Kelly, on how brands should take the results from the recent IAB report to reflect in their strategy
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By: Martin Kelly, on May 8, 2019

Publicis Group Acquires Epsilon: Reaction from IM's CEO, Martin Kelly

Infectious Media's CEO, Martin Kelly, shares his views from the recent acquisition of Epsilon by Publicis Groupe and Alliance Data Systems ...
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By: Martin Kelly, on May 1, 2019

Infectious Media shortlisted for 6 Drum Digital Advertising Awards

Infectious Media has been shortlisted into 6 categories in the Drum Digital Advertising Awards.
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By: Marketing, on Mar 15, 2019

Infectious Media celebrates being one of the UK's Best Companies to work for!

Infectious Media has been awarded a 1* accreditation by workplace engagement specialist body Best Companies, placing it as one of the best ...
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By: Marketing, on Mar 1, 2019

Reports of the death of the cookie have been exaggerated, until now

We’re witnessing the slow decline of the 3rd party cookie, but as nearly all desktop targeting and tracking relies on it, its disappearance ...
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By: James Coulson, on Oct 25, 2019
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