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The in-housing pendulum will begin to swing back

With in-house brands starting to renew ties with agencies, is the in-housing trend doing a U-turn?
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By: Martin Kelly, on Jan 9, 2020

IMDb TV is set to produce Video-On-Demand’s Pokémon GO moment

The European release of IMDb TV in 2020, ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) has the potential to produce a light bulb moment.
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By: Dan Larden, on Jan 9, 2020

Google’s ‘SameSite’ changes to the cookie heralds its demise

The enforcement of SameSite cookies has the potential to break adtech in the long term, but will it, and if so when?
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By: Dan Larden, on Jan 9, 2020

Automation will save media measurement

With measurement being hampered by GDPR and the death of the third-party cookie, how do marketers need to respond?
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By: James Coulson, on Jan 9, 2020

Adapting to social ecommerce will give a competitive advantage

Consumer media consumption and purchasing habits are changing fast, advertisers must keep up with evolving social commerce platforms to ...
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By: Aliya Rafiq Vaz, on Jan 9, 2020

A useful identity solution will emerge from data privacy

This year marketers must step up their explorations of identity-based solutions to learn how to better build value using the data now ...
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By: Zahra Khakoo, on Jan 9, 2020

Google Cloud will play a central role in Google’s future of marketing

With the underlying trend of Google consolidating their technology stack, the interplay between GMP and GCP will be one to watch this year.
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By: Jonathan D'Souza-Rauto, on Jan 9, 2020

Will Amazon’s IMDb TV Give AVOD its Pokémon GO Moment?

In this article Dan Larden, managing partner, product and partnerships at Infectious Media, argues that IMDb TV’s UK launch could do for ...
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By: Dan Larden, on Dec 10, 2019

What Brexit Can Teach Brands About In-Housing

Martin Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Infectious Media, uses Brexit as an analogy to discuss the issue of in-housing, and explain why in ...
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By: Martin Kelly, on Dec 10, 2019

2020: The year the service layer fights back

Infectious Media's CEO and Co-founder, Martin Kelly, shares his predictions and insight into what 2020 will hold for the ad tech and ...
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By: Martin Kelly, on Dec 5, 2019
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