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Is performance too good to be true? Video series part 1

Strategy By: MarketingJul 23, 2019

Stop wasting your money on blackbox ad networks video series

Performance marketers have long turned to ad networks to help acquire new customers. This is largely because they are low commitment, simple to use, and deliver impressive numbers. On the surface, ad networks look like a good choice.

But look a bit deeper, and you’ll see many of them do not drive the growth they claim and may be harming your business in the long run.

In this first part of our short video series, we look into the history of display advertising and the role of ad networks within performance marketing with Dan Brown, Director of Digital Performance at MediaSense, Tish House, Senior Performance & Measurement Manager, M&S and James Coulson, Strategy Director, Infectious Media. 

Click here to watch the second part in this performance marketing mini-series. 


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