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Infectious Media celebrates being one of the UK's Best Companies to work for!

News By: MarketingMar 1, 2019

Infectious Media has been awarded a 1* accreditation by workplace engagement specialist body Best Companies, placing it as one of the best places to work in the UK whilst recognising our very good levels of employee engagement.

Best Companies Day

The Best Companies survey measures how engaged people are at work and how they feel about their employer. It comprises of 70 statements for employees to score from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” on a seven-point scale, designed to examine the components of a happy workplace. Scores are converted into an average for each statement, then expressed as a percentage of the maximum possible favourable response.

Jonathan Austin, CEO & Founder of Best Companies “I would like to congratulate Infectious Media on your achievement. Best Companies have been producing the Accreditation standard since 2006 to acknowledge excellence in the workplace. Organisations like Infectious Media have continued to focus on their employees and have been rewarded with an engaged workforce who tell us that this is a best company to work for.”

Stephanie Carr, HR & Operations Director of Infectious Media “This award demonstrates to our clients, partners and our colleagues that we understand the importance of workplace engagement and genuinely value our people. Our people here at Infectious Media are our greatest asset, and we know that happy, motivated team members with great working relationships work well together to do fantastic innovative work for our clients.”

“We have made 'Making Infectious Media a great place to work' a corporate objective to ensure we continually drive forward our people initiatives at all levels across compensation, wellbeing, values and communications. We have seen improved satisfaction levels in every area year on year.”

“When our team feel connected both with the company and their colleagues, they’re more productive and are invested in the business’ success. This award truly reflects our commitment to making Infectious Media a great place to work, and provides our clients with a motivated, engaged workforce.”

This award also further contributes to our desire of making Infectious Media a ‘go to’ destination for people wanting to pursue fulfilling a career in programmatic. Check out our careers page to view our current vacancies and to register your interest in finding out more about working here at Infectious Media.

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