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How does Programmatic work?

By: MarketingApr 24, 2018

Everything you need to know about programmatic series featuring extracts from our co-authored guide with ISBA - This extract is taken from Vol One ... Download the full guides here


The first step in getting the most from programmatic advertising is an understanding of how it works. Programmatic is a process where a number of technologies and datasets combine in the milliseconds before a web page loads to determine which advert should be shown to a user.


When a user clicks to visit a new page an auction is triggered. Data is transmitted on the nature of the opportunity, with the advert being placed by the winning bidder.


This process can streamline media buying by allowing accurate performance data to be fed back to optimise the campaign on an on-going basis.


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Beginning with display, programmatic technology now encompasses media on mobile, video, social and native. Some advertisers have even begun to experiment with the programmatic trading of television, radio and out of home.


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