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How MBNA progressed measurement to prove the true impact of display

Analytics By: MarketingOct 11, 2019


MBNA had struggled to get transparent information on the media buying through the agencies it worked with. There was little insight into where inventory was served, so MBNA found it hard to measure the impact of its programmatic advertising.



MBNA used Infectious Media’s Incremental Measurement to help reveal the true impact of its advertising. This solution uses an exposed and a control group to proof those who saw adverts convert more frequently than those who didn’t.  MBNA increased the return from their ad spend by optimising the number of incremental conversions from campaigns in real time.



MBNA used granular data to understand the true incremental impact of its programmatic advertising.  MBNA can now confidently report the return driven directly by its display activity, and work to increase it.



MBNA and Infectious Media won the Best Attribution Solution at The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2017.


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