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Hail the European Traders: Next Generation Trading Services

By: MarketingJul 13, 2017

Exchangewire article on how the trading of online media has taken over from the ad-network model, and how the independent trading desks, including Infectious Media, are driving innovation.

Twelve months ago, when agency trading desks began to consolidate spend, the steady demise of ‘ad networks’ was predicted. Despite the progress made by the agency desks, nothing in this industry ever stands still. The marketplace has continued to shift, and there remains doubts about whether the independent trading specialists have developed a stronger trading capability. They’re the ones on the back foot. They’re often bootstrapped and they live and die by their performance output – more so than the agency desks. For them, it is simply a case of innovate or die. This is not to suggest the agency desks are not innovating too, but fuelled by a highly competitive environment, the trading specialists have begun to demonstrate the value they provide above and beyond what an ATD brings to the table... read more at Exchangewire

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