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Getting your business fit for Programmatic

Strategy By: MarketingApr 4, 2018

Everything you need to know about programmatic series featuring extracts from our co-authored guide with ISBA - This extract is taken from Vol Three ... Download the full guides here


Programmatic is disruptive technology. It is the advertisers that are willing to adapt to the disruption that will benefit the most.


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“Legacy measurement can often derail strong programmatic strategies. I saw this first hand when working with a large UK advertiser who completely bought into the concept of programmatic advertising, but weren’t ready to adapt their business to benefit. The client wanted to show branding adverts to users that were early in the customer journey. This would create a pool of more engaged users to target with performance driven ads. However, there was internal pressure in the business to directly attribute revenue to that brand spend and to justify it with a performance measurement, which would never work. The client hadn’t shifted their measurement model internally to align with the strategy. It’s a shame because they had a progressive end goal, but they just didn’t have the basics in place to achieve it.” James Coulson, Business Director, Infectious Media



This is quite an extreme example of not adapting to the opportunity, but as digital marketers are planning more advanced programmatic campaigns, educating and communicating the benefits to other departments can be difficult. For programmatic to work, marketers need buy-in from a number of internal stakeholders including other marketing teams, finance, procurement, technology, and data. Advertisers who realise this early on and bring these teams on board as they progress are far more likely to succeed in the near term.

Download the ISBA & Infectious Media Guide to Programmatic.


How to implement your strategy

The programmatic ecosystem can look crowded and confusing. Working out who does what and splitting the offers from different companies into specific value buckets without an in-depth knowledge of the industry can be challenging.


In the last couple of years advertisers’ approach to programmatic has been maturing. There has been an influx of well put together competitive programmatic briefs from advertisers that have demonstrated a full knowledge of what is needed for successful campaigns.


However, the choice comes down to how much advertisers are willing to commit and how high they have set their programmatic objectives.


The following blog post is an examination of the four principle offerings allowing advertisers to get involved with programmatic advertising: ad-networks, agency trading desks, independent specialists and in-house solutions.


Download the ISBA & Infectious Media Guide to Programmatic.



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