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Fueling acquisition across the funnel

Technology By: MarketingMay 27, 2021

In this case study we will discuss how we worked with M&S to rejuvenate its brand with a key demographic to drive new customer purchase, producing an 11% lift in incremental purchases by net new customers.


Maximizing ad spend value

With M&S not meeting performance targets, Infectious Media wanted to broaden the British retailer’s appeal beyond its loyal base to drive revenue growth from incremental net new customers.

Proving customer uplift

Facebook Marketing Partner, Infectious Media created and delivered a full-funnel media plan on Facebook. This introduced new campaign objectives, creative formats and data-informed targeting. To confirm the campaign hit M&S’ core objective, Infectious Media set up a European media-first incremental uplift study.

Infectious Media began the campaign with brand activity to inspire the broad target demographic. It used rich video assets to promote M&S as a stylish and contemporary brand. This audience was then re-engaged with a sequential message using Carousel creatives promoting individual products and linking to the specific M&S website pages.

In this way, Infectious Media increased the audience pools available to reach through acquisition. In a further boost to acquisition goals, Infectious Media captured strong “ready to buy” intent signals to create in-market audiences, so it could engage them with related M&S products.

To create the uplift study, Infectious Media worked closely with M&S’ technical website team to introduce a custom datapoint to feed into Facebook ads. To streamline the study setup, Infectious Media modified the data to deliver a simplified “True” or “False” output.

The parameter flagged a purchase from a new customer on M&S’ website. To measure incremental uplift, this audience was compared to a control group that was not exposed to Facebook advertising. To ensure the test was statistically significant, Infectious Media built in exclusions to minimize over-frequency of Facebook ads to each user.

To increase the number of new customers M&S gained through its advertising following the test, Infectious Media aligned the study data and wider campaign data using attribution analysis. This meant the media specialist could continue to optimize towards the goal on an ongoing basis.

Driving business results

The media plan on Facebook brought in many new customers. The results of the uplift study were statistically significant, showing the campaign drove an 1.4% lift in incremental purchases by new customers. Overall, there was a 2.6X return on ad spend and 11% of incremental purchases came from new customers.

return on ad spend
lift in purchases from existing customers
of incremental purchases came from new customers

"Working closely with Infectious Media allowed us to evaluate the value of Facebook and how we could use this platform to drive business growth, specifically focusing on new customer revenue. How best to measure paid social performance is an ongoing topic within the business and running a study such as this one was crucial in allowing us to demonstrate the impact Facebook can have on customer behaviour, specifically its strength in driving new customers."

Olivia, O'Neill - Paid Media Manager, M&S 

The full case study was originally published by Facebook and can be viewed here.   

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Infectious Media is working closely with the platform. Get in touch if you want to find out more.

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