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How to Evolve your Marketing Strategy using Programmatic.

By: MarketingApr 24, 2018

Everything you need to know about programmatic series featuring extracts from our co-authored guide with ISBA - This extract is taken from Vol Two ... Download the full guides here


Programmatic advertising has been held up as a solution to some of the recurring digital challenges marketers face. However, without a firm strategy around these challenges and how they are to be overcome, marketers can find themselves using programmatic as a different way to do the same things they have always done. But what do these strategies look like?


Enhanced performance

Marketers over reliant on the lower funnel tactics, like paid search and affiliate marketing, can use the right data sources through programmatic advertising to drive growth from targeting previously undiscovered audiences.


Actionable data

Advertisers struggling to tease out the important data from the noise can make their own first party data actionable for programmatic advertising to gain a competitive advantage.


Increased brand awareness

Advertisers worried about the effectiveness of online media to build brands can increase the impact of their spend through programmatic by reducing waste and creating better advertising experiences.


Relevant creative

Advertisers concerned they are not making the most of the online creative opportunity can use data to tailor the message to each user through a dynamic creative process.


Connected customer experience

Marketers trying to wade through siloed digital budgets and media complexity to follow the customer journey can use the connectivity in programmatic to join up strategies and channels to give a more coherent experience.


International centralisation

For global brands, the inefficiency of managing separate media campaigns in each market can be offset by using programmatic technology to execute strategies centrally.


Transparent insight

Advertisers who are struggling to determine if digital budgets are being spent wisely can use the granular data generated through programmatic to develop campaigns through detailed insight. Measuring true value Advertisers who don’t know what is and isn’t working in display can use measurement through programmatic to prove the incremental benefit of their spend.


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