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WEBINAR: What advertisers need to do to embrace a CTV-First Future

New Business By: Louis ConnorApr 1, 2021

The emergence of Connected TV can be seen as a true market disruptor which has only grown as a magnet for viewership in a very short period of time. According to eMarketer, almost 59% of the UK population, will watch on Connected TVs in 2021.  So if you’re only advertising on linear TV, you could be missing out on core audiences for your brand.


In this webinar recording CTV experts from Samsung and Magnite will share guidance to help advertisers understand the value of Connected TV advertising and discuss how to prepare your brand to make an investment in this rapidly growing medium. We highlight how advertisers can adapt to this rapid shift in viewership and the challenges they face in the new TV landscape.

What's covered:
- What is CTV?
- How the pandemic affected UK viewing behaviour
- The CTV opportunity for advertisers
- The barriers advertisers must overcome
- How programmatic activation supports CTV plans
- What part CTV plays in advertiser media strategy
- How advertisers need to measure CTV
- How CTV will develop in 2021 and beyond

Speakers include:

Andy Jones, Head of Agency Development at Samsung Ads
Patricia Dixon, Buyer Lead - UK & Nordics at Magnite
Vincenzo Averna, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Infectious Media

Louis Connor, Business Development Director, Infectious Media


In this webinar we explore how advertisers can take advantage of the opportunities available to them with Connected TV.

Consumers viewing of video content is becoming increasingly fragmented across multiple devices and platforms. According to Ofcom, almost 70% of total audio-video viewing among 16-34 year olds now happens away from Linear TV channels (including Live TV, Recorded Playback, and BVoD). For marketers, this creates a challenge in how to reach audiences outside of Linear TV but also an opportunity to do this through Connected TV.How do advertisers get started in CTV? And what are the obstacles they need to overcome?

In this recording we answered this and much more as we were joined by experts from Magnite and Samsung. We discussed the right KPI’s to use to measure your CTV campaigns in a highly-engaged consumer context; “the nature of CTV is a very leaned-in environment….consumers are naturally more engaged” (Patricia Dixon, Magnite). 

We explored the topic of scale, and the maturity of Connected TV across different markets; “the advantage that we have in the UK is around the fact that brands are actually more used to programmatic activations, so it's easier to activate a campaign on Connected TV from a programmatic point of view” (Vincenzo Averna, Infectious Media).

And we looked at what the future holds; “it will continue to grow, because every single TV that people buy will be a Connected TV…..viewing habits will continue to evolve and change and there’s a massive opportunity for advertisers” (Andy Jones, Samsung)

Get in touch to learn more about how Connected TV can help your brand reach vast audiences that aren’t watching traditional TV anymore. 

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