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Consultancies Have Huge Opportunity in Programmatic, But Only If They Buy These Ad Tech Companies

News By: MarketingApr 2, 2018

Creative seems to be a focus for much of consultancies' activity thus far – where, presumably, fat consultancy fees can be charged to clients.

Media buying has not really had a lot of interest for ad land’s new competitive set – but with the growth of programmatic ad buying over past few years, consultancies are eyeing up an opportunity to unseat the big holding groups as the gatekeepers of digital media buying.

ExchangeWire recently listed the top independent companies in digital media:


Infectious Media

Since Infectious Media’s launch in 2010, Martin Kelly and Andy Cocker have built out one of the most successful programmatic agencies globally. They have become the bane of the holding group’s existence, having won massive digital media buying accounts from them on the back of their transparent and data-first strategy. Infectious only work directly with clients, and have built up an impressive list of advertisers such as Expedia, Dyson, and adidas. The company also has proprietary tech, having built a bidder to buy inventory programmatically. Most of their clients’ spend is run through this bidder.  The company has global trading expertise, and continues to win massive clients globally.


Read the full article by Ciaran O'Kane, CEO ExchangeWire, here


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