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Changing measurement barriers

News By: MarketingAug 21, 2018

There are four key reasons why improving digital media measurement is a complex challenge. 



  • Transparency in data
    Many programmatic technologies and ad networks withhold the granular, log-level
    data needed for advertisers to understand the impact of their media buys.
  • Siloed channels
    Traditional mediums like TV and print provide very little actionable data. Even channels such
    as paid search and affiliate are limited. Many marketers are hesitant to change programmatic measurement as current click-based measurement can be easily compared with other channels. Marketers need to question what means more to their activity: ease or accuracy. 
  • Walled gardens
    Walled gardens platforms such as Facebook and Google keep a lot of the performance
    data to themselves, restricting tracking and measurement methods that can be used on
    other programmatic channels. 
  • Stakeholder inertia
    Changing your approach to measurement can be a tricky sell internally. There is an education process to undertake before you can get buy-in. Also senior management can prioritise simplicity in measuring across all media, not wanting to disrupt other more established media channels.
To find out how to overcome these challenges, download our whitepaper on how to determine the true impact of your advertising. 
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