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Career Pathways: Marie Turk

By: MarketingJul 14, 2017

Our Infectious Media ‘Pathways’ series of interviews aims to highlight working life in the Business, as well as the the career options available to our staff. Here, Marie Turk, Senior Account Manager at our Singapore office, talks to us about what it is like to be one of our first Singapore employees, and how she has found her first six months at Infectious Media.



What did you do before you began working for Infectious Media?

After graduating I started working at a local Ad Network in Montreal that specialised in ethnic print and online media in North America. It was a good first-entry level job as it introduced me to direct buys and the basics of measurement such as CTR and CPL. After that, I moved back to Singapore and started working at a Demand Side Platform as an Account Executive. This is where I learned about programmatic in general with a focus on performance metrics. Because our Singapore office was fairly small, I worked very closely with our technical account managers, designers, sales representatives, marketing and trading teams and so touched a bit of everything outside of the core Account Management daily tasks, such as pixel integration and dynamic banner creation, assist on case studies and sales pitches, etc. Following this, I went on to an Account Manager role and a couple of months later a Senior Account Manager role.


After two years, I was seeking a major change and new challenge. I heard Infectious Media were launching a Singapore office and was offered a position in a matter of weeks.


Tell us about your first six months at Infectious Media.  

I joined Infectious Media six months ago as the Senior Account Manager in the Singapore office along with two other people. It was great to start with them at the same time because we got to learn together. “We’re in this together” never felt so real. Within a few weeks, we were working on Expedia alongside the London team. We’ve received great guidance from each departments, especially the Client Services Expedia team that would get on calls with us almost every day for training.


We were introduced to the IM platform and the daily work of the team by our Head of Optimisation. It was a great way to understand how our technology works and our capabilities. A couple of weeks after, I flew to London for two weeks for intensive training where I got to meet the whole team. What I appreciated was that I had sessions with every departments, even teams that I wouldn’t work with closely on a day-to-day basis.


As Infectious Media is a company that is constantly evolving and releasing new innovative tools, the training is naturally ongoing. We’ve since received a number of people from the London office that would introduce new products or concepts to us, so we’re always in the loop of what is happening.


We also acquired a major new client recently and I’m part of their onboarding team which is very exciting. Can’t wait to see what the next six months will bring!


Describe a typical working day

Each day begins and ends similarly. In the morning, I catch up on my emails that came in from London or the US the night before, and at the end of the day we have calls with our internal teams in London to check in what everyone is working on and priorities for the week. This includes checking in on client's present or past campaign performance, and to discuss what other opportunities we can explore.


The rest of the day can be quite different: I could be working on media plans, brainstorming on new strategies or tests we’d like to roll out, completing campaign review analysis, meeting with clients or local suppliers to discuss new partnerships, etc. This is what I like about this job, you don’t always know what you’re going to have to do that day until you get in the office, so it keeps you on your toes.


Because we’re a smaller office, the communication with the team is very fluid and open at all times. I always know what they’re working on and vice versa, and how we can support each other.


Tell us about your office and the people that you work with.

We currently have four people in the Singapore office including one Account Executive and one Account Manager. What is great is that we complement each other very well with our past experiences, as some worked in ad agencies and others have experience in programmatic, and thus we learn from each other a lot.


We also work very closely with the London teams, so much that we actually don’t feel the distance; I can say confidently that I know the London team as well as the Singapore team. The company structure is very well defined so it is easy for us to know which team to refer to. 


What advice would you give to someone thinking about entering into a career in digital?   

Be curious. This industry is always changing and evolving so it’s crucial to keep an open mind, don’t just rely on what you know, but also accept that there is lot you don’t know, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are surrounded by experts in their own fields and can grow so much from them.


The APAC region is probably one of the most fragmented regions in the world. Each market has its own ecosystem and customs so it’s important to keep up with the news and identify new opportunities that would benefit your clients.


Be critical. Don’t be afraid to defy some of the concepts that are already there. Again, everything is changing so fast that something that was true yesterday may not be the case tomorrow. So try to think out of the box.


Set goals for yourself. It is easy to forget why we’re here and get lost in your everyday tasks, so set small goals to better yourself, something you can look back in a few weeks or months and be proud of what you achieved, with the end goal to help your client grow.



If you are interested in an exciting and rewarding career at Infectious Media, visit our careers page.

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