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Looking to in-house your programmatic strategy?

Strategy By: Attila JakabApr 3, 2018

Attila Jakab, Managing Director at Infectious Media provides his advice to advertisers looking to in-house their programmatic strategy.

Attila Headshot.jpegAdvertisers need to understand the type of company they are, if they’re forward thinking, fast and focus their strategies around testing, data and technology.

If your brand doesn’t tick these boxes, it could be challenging to hire the right talent to run your programmatic strategy.

Additionally, location plays a significant role in the ability to hire programmatic talent; if you’re office is not centrally based, it could be difficult to hire a ‘programmatic superstar’. 

Consider bringing consultants into your business to look at what you’re trying to achieve. These consultants will be able to accurately draw a picture of how big your team needs to be and what additional resources you will need.
"Be honest and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are"

If you wish to fully in-housing your programmatic advertising, you need people who can think strategically and build creatives that deliver results. You will also need technical account managers who will integrate new pieces of technology as and when you need to.


A lack of trust

In-housing is usually the result of the lack of trust; advertisers aren’t receiving any transparency or any expertise from their agency. To avoid this, look for partners who will give you full transparency, knowledge and skillsets, because maybe that is the problem, and the answer may not be to in-house.

Most importantly, be honest and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you can figure out what these are, then you can realise the investment that you need to in-house, allowing you to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Hiring a new team may still not provide the right results. You should think if it is worth taking the risk and hiring now, or if you should wait while the programmatic ecosystem matures, providing thousands of people with the right skillset you need. Until this happens, you should consider working with a partner who can offer you transparency and control.


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