Infectious Media wins big at the Masters of Marketing Awards!

We are delighted to announce that Infectious Media won an award at the Masters of Marketing 2017 Awards last night, within the Programmatic and Performance Marketing category with John Lewis.

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The story

Programmatic Guaranteed allowed John Lewis to secure significant cut-through with millions of premium ad placements during Black Friday Weekend, whilst avoiding the over-subscribed and greatly increased cost (CPM) of the majority of digital ad inventory on offer across the programmatic marketplace.

In 2016, in order to maximise the huge sales opportunity of Black Friday, John Lewis set out to buy programmatic advertising inventory more intelligently.

The retailer’s approach took insight from analysis of historical data to gain a crucial understanding of when best to target users and coupled that with an innovative ‘Programmatic Guaranteed’ relationship with a premium publisher.

The strategy drove an ROI up to 346% higher than target and helped deliver a record-breaking Black Friday for the brand exceeding record weekly revenue by 6.5%.


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