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Programmatic in-housing: hybrid models let advertisers take control

June 25, 2018 Martin Kelly

As the IAB uncovers a trend towards the in-housing of programmatic, Martin Kelly, co-founder and

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Time for a New Approach? The Value of First-Party Data

June 25, 2018 Martin Kelly

There are increasing signs of a major shift taking place in programmatic right now, and at the

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Deutsche Telekom brings in Infectious Media to help implement its Media Operating Model

June 14, 2018 Marketing

With Deutsche Telekom recently introducing its new media operating model across Europe, the

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The digital ad industry must come clean to regain trust

June 12, 2018 Martin Kelly

There have been numerous calls for the advertising industry to clean up its act, particularly

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Getting the Measure of Programmatic

June 08, 2018 Rachael Morris

Programmatic has a measurement problem.  Rachael Morris, Director of optimisation and insight,

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The out-of-home commercial model is broken - programmatic is the fix

June 06, 2018 Dan Larden

Major structural changes need to be made if out-of-home is to reap the digital rewards on offer,

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The future of programmatic is hybrid

June 01, 2018 Martin Kelly

With recent IAB research revealing that a majority of brands have created their own internal

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Taking back control: Deutsche Telekom on its journey to create a hybrid media model

May 31, 2018 Marketing

Deutsche Telekom expects more brands to bring aspects of media buying in-house as they look for

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What should agencies do to remain relevant at a time of eroding brand trust and increased in-housing?

May 30, 2018 Attila Jakab

With the trend for in-housing programmatic hitting client agendas, it is clear that a shift is

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Why it’s time to solve programmatic’s measurement problem

May 29, 2018 Rachael Morris

For too long, agencies and brands haven’t focused on what campaigns are really trying to

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