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5 questions advertisers have about YouTube’s brand-safety measures

January 18, 2018 Marketing

Infectious Media's Global Strategic Partnerships Director, Dan Larden, speaks to Digiday about

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Media agencies must tackle transparency

December 22, 2017 Marketing

Mark Ritson: Media agencies will go the way of the dinosaurs if they don’t tackle transparency.

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2018 Programmatic Predictions

December 13, 2017 Marketing

A more transparent approach to data

Dan Larden, global strategic partnerships director,

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50 Women in AdTech - featuring IM's Rachael Morris

December 05, 2017 Marketing

Infectious Media's Optimisation & Insight Director, Rachael Morris, has been recognised for her

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Why APAC should look to Europe, not the US, for programmatic solutions

November 28, 2017 Marketing

Marketing 101 teaches us that different groups of people need to be engaged with in different

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High Volume with Safety & Profit Vs Whitelisting

November 24, 2017 Marketing

Dan Larden, Global Strategic Partnerships Director, Infectious Media, an international

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Infectious Media take home three awards at The Wires Awards!

November 24, 2017 Marketing


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The challenges of in-housing programmatic

November 23, 2017 Marketing

What obstacles face advertisers who are looking to in-house their programmatic strategy?

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Looking to in-house your programmatic strategy?

November 21, 2017 Marketing

Attila Jakab, Managing Director at Infectious Media provides his advice to advertisers looking

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Collaborate or Die: Q&A with Dan de Sybel and ExchangeWire

November 17, 2017 Marketing


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